What is a hoverboard?
The hoverboard is an electric vehicle powered by two motorized wheels connected to two plates. It works by using a gyroscope to propel the user around on two wheels, kind of like a mini Segway, but without the handle. The gyroscope is a device used to measure pressure. When you step on the hoverboard you apply pressure and it will start to move. The user controls the speed and direction with the help of the pads on which the feet are positioned. To change direction you just need to press your foot more on that part of the hoverboard.

If you’ve never ridden a Segway before, you’ll have a little trouble with balance, especially since the hoverboard lacks a handle. But with time and practice these small problems will be successfully overcome. You didn’t even get on the bike and start walking right away, did you?

How much does a hoverboard cost?
The prices for hoverboards start from around 800 lei, the cheapest, and reach up to 4000 lei, for the most powerful models.

You can find the most varied range of hoverboards at eMag , where you can also have the chance to buy them at a reduced price when there are offers. And lately it’s been raining with discounts at eMag. You also have the possibility to buy a hoverboard from the resealed product category. You will find them a little cheaper there.

Important aspects when choosing a hoverboard
Full speed
With a quality battery and a powerful motor a hoverboard can reach somewhere up to 20 km/h. Most hoverboard models reach a speed of 10-15 km/h.

Autonomy and charging time
The autonomy, i.e. the operating time without the hoverboard battery being recharged, is desirable to be as high as possible. You will usually find the range of different hoverboard models expressed in km.

I noticed that not all models have specified autonomy, maybe because it differs according to the conditions of use: speed, road gradient, user weight. However, try to choose a model with a battery from a well-known brand: Samsung, LG. To give you an idea, a hoverboard can have an autonomy of 10 km to 20 km, depending on the model chosen and its price.

Auto balance options
This seems to me to be one of the most important aspects, because we have to put our safety and that of our children first. There are self-balancing hoverboard models, so the problem of maintaining balance is half solved. They have two or three ways of use:

the beginner mode, which increases the stability of the hoverboard in motion
normal mode, which you can set after you have mastered hoverboarding
extreme mode, whose name says it all.
The quality of the wheels
Quality is almost always reflected in price. A hoverboard with wheels made of quality materials will always be more expensive than one with wheels made of inferior materials. Plus, you need grip while moving, so consider the quality of the wheels when choosing a hoverboard.

The motherboard controls the gyroscope, which makes the hoverboard move. A hoverboard with a quality motherboard will always be better than one with an inferior motherboard.

Maximum weight allowed
Most hoverboards have a maximum weight of between 100 and 130 kg. Even if you slightly exceed the maximum allowed weight, no problem. Hoverboards also have a minimum permissible mass, below which it does not start.

Since we are talking about outdoor vehicles, you also need to look into the water resistance of your chosen hoverboard. Most models on the market have a waterproof rating of IP54. International standards indicate this value as the lowest acceptable, so the hoverboard has limited resistance to water and dust.

The weight of the hoverboard
Although this is not a particularly important aspect, there will be times when you will need to carry the hoverboards on your back. If you know you don’t like to carry or have back problems, choose a model that is as light as possible.I have pointed out some aspects to think about when choosing a hoverboard. Now everyone knows their budget and preferences. So the choice is yours.

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