By provision of the director of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, in agreement with the Revenue Agency, to be adopted no later than the technical procedures relating to operations are governed draw, the size and number of prizes made available, as well as any other provisions necessary for the initiation and implementation of the Whatsapp lottery winner. The prohibition of advertising for games
Specifically, the regulation is implemented in the following measures:

The possibility of participation with cash payment has been eliminated, in line with the Italy Cashless plan. Health care expenses are now among those eligible for participation in the lottery, provided that it is not communicated while issuing the receipt, your tax code for any tax deductions.

How the receipt Whatsapp lottery works
In summary, the receipt lottery concerns all natural persons of age residing on the national territory who will be able to participate in this socio-economic initiative launched to promote cashless payments. Without the use of cash to participate in the lottery, you must create your own personal code, or bar code, on the initiative’s official website, available at the following address.

Once the code has been obtained, it must be shown to the operator before finalizing the purchase with the relative issue of the receipt: you are entitled to a virtual ticket up to a maximum of keys that can be combined for every single pass. Even if the product purchased has value, virtual tickets can be issued for a single receipt.
Cards and apps connected to private payment circuits with limited spending.
Food stamps are currently excluded from the lottery, and it is unknown if they will be implemented. Purchases made online, in pharmacies using the tax code, for less than one or intended to exercise business activities do not allow participation in the lottery. Other purchasable goods that do not participate in the lottery are cinema, theatre or museum tickets, for which there is no tax certification stored and transmitted electronically, which is essential for the production of virtual lottery tickets; the same goes for petrol stations and car parks.

Each extraction is linked to the number of tickets issued for each receipt; therefore, if a person is the winner of a weekly, monthly or annual prize, they cannot participate in further extractions with the exact tickets as the winning receipt. In the case of decimal amounts, these will be rounded up to the following number KBC Contact Number India if the sum is more significant than. For example, if a purchase is made for a total of the virtual lottery tickets issued will be two due to rounding. The cash prizes will be divided into weekly, monthly and annual draws with a super-prize of more information that can be found in the next paragraph.

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