Regular physical activity can help in the development of muscles, boost the health of your heart, help maintain the proper weight and reduce stress. 

 Dr. Jay Feldman says fitness can give mental benefits like greater confidence, improved energy levels, and a more positive mood.

  According to Dr. Jay Feldman, living in the United States of America, setting realistic goals and adhering to them is essential to maximizing the benefits of the workout routine. 

 It may involve the commitment to a set amount of exercise days every week, or setting goals to improve an individual’s physical performance. 

  Additionally, choosing activities that are enjoyable and are compatible with one’s lifestyle is crucial. 

  Cycling or cycling, as an instance, is the ideal option for those who enjoy outdoors activities, but yoga or meditation might be more appropriate.

Methods to exercise
1. Include Strength Training in your workout: One of the most effective ways to increase muscle mass, shed weight and increase general fitness is to include strength training. 

By incorporating muscle building to your exercise routine will aid you in reaching your fitness goals quicker and more efficiently.

2. Increase Cardio: Cardiovascular training is a must in any workout program. To boost your cardiovascular health and burn off fat increase your workout duration or intensity every week.

3. Set reasonable goals: Creating achievable goals that are realistic and achievable are essential to achieving your fitness goals. 

Set goals that are quantifiable and time-bound to track your progress and keep you engaged.

5. Maintain a healthy Diet A balanced and healthy diet is crucial to living a healthy and balanced life. 

Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables along with lean meats and complex carbs into your diet every day to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

6. Keep hydrated: It’s essential for healthy functioning of your body to remain well-hydrated. To keep hydrated and well-nourished Drink at minimum eight cups of water each day.

7. Find a fitness partner Working out with a friend can keep you accountable and motivated. Make arrangements to workout with a family member or circle of buddies who is interested in fitness.

8. Regularly scheduled workouts: Staying to your fitness regimen requires regular exercise. Make a set amount of time each week to exercise and adhere to the schedule.

9. Make sure you take resting times: These days of rest are crucial for recovery and prevention of injury. Relax your organs and recover by taking at minimum one day off each week.

10. Have Fun: Your workout should be enjoyable. Find things you like and ensure you’re having enjoyable time while exercising.

Benefits of Fitness by Dr Jay Feldman
It’s a natural mood enhancer
Regular exercise can alleviate anxiety, stress and despair. It can also help reduce anger, stress, and tension. Are you aware of how wonderful you feel after you exercise? Dr. Jay Feldman says Most people realize that once intense exercise becomes a regular part of their lives it makes them feel better.

It helps keep you fit and strong
Regular exercise is similar to the saying you don’t become old because you don’t move and you get old when you don’t move. Exercise increases muscles, which increases the ability to take on other physical tasks.

It helps keep the doctor away
After eating your daily apple, get up! Sitting for long periods of time can increase the chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke. 

According to Dr. Jay Feldman, those who consume more than four hours of television per day have an eighty percent likelihood of dying from cardiovascular diseases.

Being more physically active can aid you in these ways:
Lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels
More Blood flow (circulation)
Keep your weight in check
Beware of bone loss, which could lead to arthritis
They can reduce medical expenses as well as interventions and medications later on in your life!
Physically active people and maintain a healthy weight gain seven decades longer then those not active and overweight. 

The most important aspect is that those additional years are generally healthier! Physical activity can help prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases and conditions that come with the aging process. 

This helps young people can enjoy their quality of life and their independence even as they get older.

Other benefits of regular physical activity include:
Helps quit smoking and becoming tobacco-free.
It encourages a positive outlook and attitude.
It helps you fall to sleep earlier and sleeping more comfortably.
It improves your self-image and self-confidence.
                  Nutrition, in conjunction with physical exercise is a crucial aspect of living a healthy and active lifestyle. 

A balance diet that includes healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, healthy meats and whole grains, will give your body the required nutrients and vitamins to perform optimally. 

Ensuring that you are getting enough drinking water throughout the day is vital to ensure your body is adequately well-nourished to perform a workout.

Then, Dr. Jay Feldman says to continue to rest from exercise and pay attention to your body. 

The need for rest is essential to the body’s ability for healing and to be safe from injuries. 

Physical discomfort or restrictions develop it is important to seek a physician’s guidance is essential to ensure that your fitness routine is safe and appropriate.

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