The hoverboard is one of the most modern and sought-after means of transportation, which turns the heads of passers-by thanks to its design and functionality. Those who wish can buy it from specialized stores, but they can also find several hoverboards online, of good quality, from which they can choose the one that suits them.

A 6.5-inch hoverboard, for example, is suitable for children and teenagers, starting from 7-8 years old, supporting a weight between 25 and 120 kilograms, so even adults can take a ride around the park.

Hoverboard description

At this moment, the most coveted gadget by young people and teenagers, the hoverboard, is suitable for people who are passionate about fun, thrills, for brave people who want adventure. Moving with a hoverboard is done by changing the body’s center of balance, which means that it is easy to use by anyone.

This device, as a rule, has very pressure-sensitive pedals, which means that it almost reads the user’s thoughts, being able to quickly determine the direction of travel. Every hoverboard comes with a multifunctional wireless remote control, some models attract attention through the lights on the wheels or through the sounds and songs they play.

The hoverboard is a gadget of the future and can be used in parks, on the street, in shops, etc.

The criteria for choosing the hoverboard:

Maximum weight supported. A hoverboard must support a maximum weight according to the user’s constitution, in order to move within normal parameters. No one wants the hoverboard to break down during travel or to wear out very quickly. Exceeding the maximum allowed weight can damage the longevity of the engine and its performance. In general, a 6.5-inch hoverboard supports up to 120 kilograms, an electric hummer carrier supports up to 140 kilograms, and a 10-inch hoverboard supports a weight of 130 kilograms. The minimum accepted weight is also very important, without which the hoverboard cannot start, especially if it is purchased for small children.
Maximum travel speed . The hoverboard has a maximum travel speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour, but it depends on the model. For example, a 6.5-inch hoverboard will be able to reach a speed of 15-18 kilometers per hour, while hummer models reach 18-20 kilometers per hour, and 10-inch models reach 18-25 kilometers hourly. The safest hoverboards is the one that reaches a speed of 18 kilometers per hour.
Autonomy . When choosing a hoverboard, its autonomy is very important, how long it can work without stopping. The value of the autonomy depends on the outside temperature, the slope of the road, the speed of movement, but also the weight.
Loading time . A hoverboard should not be charged overnight. Quality products will need 2-3 hours of charging, but it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Maximum climbing angle and device wheels . The Hoverboar can approach slopes of up to 10-15 degrees, and the ergonomics of the wheels are very important during movement, to provide grip and safety.

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